Why Huntington Beach?

Each city has a unique context (even if they are literally neighbors, as Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach are). Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach are very different in terms of size, cultural diversity, socio-economic status, response to the marginalized and overall “feel.” People in these two cities think, respond and live in very different ways.

Only 50% of Huntington Beach has any religious affiliation. If this was anywhere else in the world we would deem it worthy of sending a team of missionaries. But this isn’t an exotic nation around the world; this is our neighborhood. This is our 8to15: where we live, where we stand in line for groceries and cheer at soccer games next to people that need Jesus. There are too many people in Huntington Beach that need Jesus for us NOT to have a church there.

Instead of being a church that calls people to come to church, we want to be the church in the city where we live, work and play. As we invest more in relationships and communities of Huntington Beach, we see more clearly what and where the needs are and how God might be inviting us to participate in His work there.